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    If our first restaurant – Restaurant et fromagerie Très FRANÇAIS – is something authentic, like the "old France", then Très BRANCHÉ is modern France, France "a la mode", France of "today" and even a little bit of "tomorrow".

   With all its tendencies and aspirations to be on trend in everything.

   This is street art, this is graffiti, this is fashion, design and architecture which create all together the art of present, influencing the art of future.

    This is France a little bit provocative, surely free and at the same time enjoying life, love and even loneliness, but keeping its traditions alive, including culinary ones.

    This is France where to be "tres branche" is a way of living and not only tribute to fashion.
French people say: Soyez fous, soyez vous – Be crazy, be yourselves!

   We are sure that Très BRANCHÉ is all of us who are free, creative, inspired, admirers of everything which is beautiful: from food to thoughts!

   We are Très BRANCHÉs. And you? 

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