History of the family of French restaurants has begun in 2011, on December 18, on the eve of Saint Nicholas Day. Two weeks earlier, our team Tres has definitely decided and fixed this final date for opening on this particular children's bright holiday, because we are children after all. 

   And one and half month before this, we entered the territory of a former library and understood that this was the ideal place for a real French restaurant, Tres Francais. "Very French" not only in the menu and wine list, but also in the spirit, atmosphere and life philosophy.

   Why did we undertake all this? We wanted to create a place where you want to return, have a good time at family holidays, romantic evenings, morning meetings with friends. Or just to be by yourselves for a while with a cup of espresso or a glass of Kir Royal, sitting on the terrace and taking enjoyment in yourself and your life in the moment.

   Our guests and partners are optimists in their life, they are free, modern, always creative (even if only in their spirit), travelling much no matter where: in Kyiv, Ukraine or around the world, loving to discover something new every day, loving the life. Just simply loving.

   Our team is the same for that matter!

   By the way, our mission is consistent with it: "To create the space of enjoyment in life, communication and gastronomy by inspiring to love the world and each other more".

   And we are in permanent progress: three years after Très FRANÇAIS, our "youngin" was created – the freedom-loving Très BRANCHÉ.

   In addition to that, we always were and still are not only a restaurant, but a sort of the cultural space: the number of festivals, exhibitions, workshops and various projects arranged by us is increased from year to year.

   But the time has come and we, like Alice in the house of the White Rabbit, began to "outgrow" the restaurant business. We found the way out: Beaucoup, a holiday and catering company as the continuation of our corporate history. Now we can give joy to our guests not only within Tres Francais and Tres Branché, but also wherever they want to.

   If you ask: "what comes next?", the answer is: new ideas and projects and, in general, continuation of the history…
   In the meantime - Rendez-Vous à la Famille Très FRANÇAIS, or see you at Famille Très FRANÇAIS!